Clever RBD Palmolein Oil

Kumar Agro has been in the field of oil industry for more that three decades and they have been improvising their arena with latest technologies and inventive methods in order to deliver quality rich vegetable oil. Their manufacturing of palmolein oil under the the name Clever refined palm oil is an edible vegetable oil that has a vast market value and high level usage in and around India . Clever refined palmolein oil has been distributed all over India for its authentic production Kumar Agro has the capacity to produce 150 tons of palm oil per day which paves way for the distributors to and the retailers to receive stocks on time for a great business market.


Palmolein oil is a best source of healthy oil that prevents Vitamin A deficiency, cancer , brain diseases and aging. It is also used to treat malaria, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, dementia and cyanide poisoning. Palmolein oil also has good result over weight loss goal and in improvising body’s metabolism.
It is used in frying and also for cooking all kinds of cuisine. It is used as an important ingredient in various processed food items. In industries palmolein oil is used for manufacturing other kinds of non-edible items.

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